Everything you need for a successful virtual event, all in one package.

Online Events

Easily create a variety of high quality online events with dynamic customisation options

The Personal Touch

Have a personalised, content-driven landing page that is synonymous with your event and organisation.

Your Message Your Way

Deliver your message in a way that suits you by using a choice of key event spaces including exhibition halls, networking lounges and learning zones.

Direct Communication

Offer direct lines of communication between organisers, booth representatives, speakers and attendees

Live & On Demand

Organise Live and on-demand presentations from key speakers


Explore the power of the admin dashboard, customise event settings and monitor attendee engagement data

The All In One Virtual Event Platform

ENM Virtual’s defining features will ensure smooth
event management and provide exceptional customer experiences

Why ENM Virtual Events?

We love events and we want our clients to be able to share their message with a global audience. We are fully aware that by regularly promoting global travel, physical events are having a largely-negative effect on climate change.


With our virtual events solution there is an opportunity to offer the same high quality events, globally, whilst simultaneously eliminating unnecessary travel and wastage costs. Not only is this more cost-effective, we also believe it will drive more organisations to make positive steps towards helping our environment.

Our Passion

It’s simple, we love virtual events, we love what we do and we want to share this with a global audience.


By actively reducing our own carbon footprints we are helping to collectively tackle the climate change crisis.


By limiting paper wastage and travel costs, organisations can drastically reduce unnecessary expenditure

Personalised Live Demonstrations

If you’re interested by our array of exciting features, sign up for a LIVE product demonstration
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One Step At A Time

We will use one of our successful previous events to give you a comprehensive run through of ENM Virtual’s exciting features

An inside look into the power of the administration dashboard and what control you have over your own event

highlighting key analytics that are available before, during and after the event

The Partner/Affiliate Program.

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Join ENM Virtual as a recognised partner, enhancing your revenue streams and allowing us to deliver our platform to a wider audience.

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